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Established in 1971, the UAE is a seven states federation, including Abu Dhabi, the  capital, Dubai, the commercial hub, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and Fujairah.

Each Emirate has its own government and economic and legal assets; together, they jointly form the Federation Supreme Council.

Since inception, the United Arab Emirates have become one of the most successful and influential country in the Middle East, evolving into a modern State, functional, liberal and open to the world. UAE has the second largest economy in the GCC (after Saudi Arabia), with the expected gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of 3.9% as of October 2016 and 4.3% by 2020.


Within the Federation, the Emirate of Dubai has emerged as a global city and business hub of the entire Middle East. Although Dubai’s economy was initially built on revenues from the oil industry, revenues from petroleum and natural gas currently account for less than 20% of the GDP. Over the years, Dubai has successfully become an important port of call for Western manufacturers. Most of the world’s leading financial and corporate groups have substantial presence in this Emirate, helping it to become the top business gateway for the Middle East, Africa and Europe.


Dubai has built its business model on the basis of a pro-business policy: a flexible legal framework for the establishment of companies in record time, a flexible labor legislation, a highly skilled international workforce, modern infrastructures, stable political framework, favorable tax environment, several options for optimization and capital repatriation. Investment laws, regulations and incentives are continuously improving to encourage further foreign investment.


The economy of Dubai is primarily service, based development of which is based on international trade, logistics, transportation, finance, tourism, real estate, media, education, health and distribution.

UAE population: 10 million approximately
Capital: Abu Dhabi
Member of the Gulf Cooperation Council – GCC
Location: Borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman
Languages: Arabic (official) / English
President: Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi
Vice President and Prime Minister: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai
Time: GMT + 4
Currency: UAE Dirhams, pegged to the dollar ($ 1 = 3.6725 AED)
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Solutions Maker

PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES provides intelligent, scalable and customized solutions in order to facilitate your establishment and not only support but enhance your development in the United Arab Emirates.

We follow strict guidelines and procedure in accordance with local legal and administrative requirements. In addition; via our extensive network as well as partnerships with professional local firms, we offer legal and financial advice needed to set up your business in the UAE. One of our aims at PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES is to provide a simple seamless turn key solution that allows you to start your business in this region with ease.

PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES supports you in the creation and development of your company, whether organic or capitalistic: capital increase, merger, acquisition, sale, etc.

Our Speciality

The primary objective of PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES is to secure the correct structure for your business depending on the activity you wish to engage in.

  • We advise and help you in identifying the legal and operational solution most suited to your venture: limited liability company (LLC), a company set up in a free zone, or a branch etc.
  • We facilitate the set up of your structure in the UAE, offering a complete, efficient and fast service. Always bringing you the best answers to meet your expectations.
  • We have capabilities that allow us to identify and analyze your needs, therefore help achieve your goals. We are able to answer all your requests on short notice, and we have the knowhow to guarantee the best protection of your interests.

A Team of Experts

PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES is a diversely experienced team of professionals who have been living and working for several years here in the Middle East. We are also experts in complementary fields such as entrepreneurship, finance, services, industry, diplomacy etc.
Due to vast entrepreneurial experiences, our associates have developed their own expertise in different sectors such as distribution, services, finance and consulting. Their expert knowledge allowed them to implement effective developmental strategies and anticipate market fluctuations, and, as a result has given them the ability to identify and seize the best opportunities for disposal of assets.
They are experienced entrepreneurs who have mastered all company’s stages of life and know how to transform an investment into a success.

Our Network

networkMembers of our team have excellent knowledge of the Middle East and have been working for an extensive period of time with many local and international professionals.
With dedication and utmost attention, we searched for the best potential partners who will aid you in achieving success for your business in this region.
A true accelerator of growth, PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES is a unique offer in the UAE market bringing a multidisciplinary solution for a global, personalized and secure service.


The UAE is an optimal place to set up your company:
– Ideal geographic location, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East,
– Functional legal framework combined with favorable tax environment with no direct corporate tax, capital gains tax, or withholding tax on dividends and interest.
– Relaxed immigration formalities for expatriates, business friendly labor legislation and access to highly skilled international workforce,
– Exceptional infrastructures, a futuristic urban environment and a logistics platform meeting international standards,
– Stable political framework, UAE ranks 5th in world for order and security.
– Many optimization and capital repatriation options.

PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES advises you on the best suited legal form for your company. Our teams devote time to better understand your requirements, what your project is and how to transform it into a success.
Our added value is our long term vision, our entrepreneurial experience in the UAE, our local market knowledge and our network both within the UAE and international community.
Our goal is to help you structure and secure your company in order to allow you to fully concentrate on your business.

PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES is ideally placed to advise you and take you through the process of establishing your business whilst simultaneously securing the benefits UAE has to offer.
There are many misconceptions about the concept of sponsor (or “kafeel” in Arabic).
To create a Limited Liability Company allowing onshore activities, you must be effectively associated with an Emirati citizen sponsor who will legally hold a 51% stake in your company.
Free Zone companies, which are mostly engaged in trading activities, do not require sponsors. However, these structures directly prohibit you from exercising many activities on the UAE territory.
PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES allows you to establish your activity onshore while retaining control of your business and benefiting from 100% of the beneficial ownership.
Our organization offers a sponsorship solution which guarantees your operational and financial independence as well as freedom and flexibility.
In order to anticipate the long-term development of your business and regulatory developments, it is preferable to choose today the most sustainable solution.

The concepts of sponsorship and partnership are distinct and often misunderstood.
The first allows you to practice an activity in the UAE in accordance with the regulations.
The purpose of partnership is to accelerate the development of your business and sales by finding the right partner with the guidance of Partners and Associates where our team will work tirelessly to fulfill your specific needs.

One of our major strengths is our phenomenal network.
How to identify the right business partners who possess real expertise and knowledge of the markets in the region?
PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES gives you access to a network of service providers (suppliers, experts, advisors) who excel in their area of expertise.
In addition, PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES coordinates and controls all these contributors in line with your development strategy.

Absolute Must in order to protect all shareholders and ensure the sustainability of your company, your choice of a law firm is strategic.
PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES has significant and historical relationship with specialized law firms with specific focus on the establishment of European firms in Middle East.
We study the recommendations of your legal advice through you and ensure their implementation to prevent conflicts of interest.

Vital part of your business, PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES assists you in order to establish your financial strategy and implement your procedures by creating a bespoke management front end solution.

We assist you in designing a relevant personalized system of budgetary control to ensure the achievement of your strategic goals and be the most capable in taking early corrective decisions if necessary.

By experience, PARTNERS & ASSOCIATES knows the importance of this service which allows you to focus on your core business by offering reliable solutions.

Managing daily administrative problems related to your business is long and tedious.
Our experienced team will offer to relieve you from administrative burdens with complete confidentiality and professionalism.

Regular updates will be provided helping you to efficiently monitor your business allowing you to spend more time on business activities rather than ad hoc day to day tasks.

We also offer a collection service for your documents and deliver them directly into your office and liaise with government services to make this a seamless process.

The UAE attracts very diverse, skillful and talented individuals from all over the world.
Our partner recruitment firms specialize in headhunting top management. Partners & Associates will gladly help you with its partners firms in identifying the right talent for your firm regardless of size or business activity.


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